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Can Hormone Therapy Really Make You Look Ten Years Younger?


Hormone therapy is nothing new in the US and using hormones to combat the signs of aging is something that has been practiced for several years over the other side of the Atlantic. However, using anti-aging hormones to turn back the years is relatively new in the UK and indeed, many are not even aware that such a procedure exists.

What is Hormone Therapy?

There are many different kinds of hormone therapy. Perhaps the best known in the UK is HRT, which is generally used during the menopause to replace oestrogen in the body, thus counteracting symptoms such as mood swings, loss of libido and hot flushes.

Anti-aging hormone therapy seeks to create hormonal balance within the body. In particular, use of hormone growth therapy claims to slow down the aging process, increase libido and sexual performance and boost energy levels. It does this by injecting a bio-synthetic growth hormone.

Are Anti-Aging Hormones Really the ‘Fountain of Youth’?

According to reports, many people undergoing anti-aging hormone therapy treatment are benefitting from better skin, boosted levels of energy, improved sleep and even better sex. According to research undertaken at Durham University in 2010, HRT can not only help counteract the negative effects of the menopause, but also boosts brain power in middle-aged women, enabling their brains to function like those of much younger women.

A variety of different hormones are used to offer different benefits to patients, such as oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone and melatonin.

Dangers to Health

However, whilst this blend of cocktails can offer seemingly miraculous health benefits, many experts and patients alike feel that dabbling with hormone therapy is too risky. The risks of HRT are already fairly well documented, but other forms of hormone therapy have also come under scrutiny, in particular due to their links with increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Revealingly, the FDA in the US has not approved hormone therapy as a treatment for anti-aging. Dr Fugh-Berman, an associate professor in the department of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington D.C., comments: ‘Science has never identified a harmless hormone. It’s one thing making an informed decision about risks when there are proven benefits. This is a case of unproven benefits and known risks.’

Hormone Balance, the Natural Way?

According to Marcelle Pick, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, it is possible to help balance your hormones naturally, without the need for hormone therapy treatment. Her top tips are:

  1. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help boost levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, which help to keep you looking and feeling good.
  1. Relieve stress. Reducing stress in your life can help to balance your hormones. Pick encourages activities such as ‘massage, deep breathing, yoga’ or even a slow walk to help de-stress and unwind.
  1. Eat plenty of vegetables. Eating vegetables and fruit will help boost hormone production within the body. If you’d like to boost melatonin levels, eat onions, bananas, oats and rice. It’s also found in red wine and mint.

Considering Hormone Therapy Treatment?

If you’re considering anti-aging hormones or hormone therapy treatment, it’s important to know the facts before committing to anything. Understand the risks involved as well as the potential benefits, and make an informed decision based on this knowledge.




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