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“Hello. I’m Dr. Chris Steele, and welcome to The Best of Health, the channel for health wise people. We’re focused on the fastest growing part of our population; those of us aged over 50. And when it comes to your health, only the best will do.

“After all, your health is the most precious thing you have and it becomes ever more so in your later years. So in many ways, health is the new wealth.

“Advances in medicine today mean that we’re living much longer. But isn’t it the quality of life that’s the most important thing. So we want you to take a proactive role in your wellbeing.

“We’re positive about age and we want you to be also.

“Now, as a TV doctor and a GP for over 40 years, it’s been my pleasure and duty to help people lead fulfilling lives. Part of this involves advising them on how to age better for longer. And of course on TV, I’ve covered a huge range of health topics and looked at an unbelievable number of health products over the years.

“And these health items are always of great interest to the public, which is why here on The Best of Health, we’ll be focusing on the key health issues and items of interest, specifically concerning the older population, the more mature! All our attention is finding what’s best for you!”

Dr. Chris Steele MBE