Health and Lifestyle for the over 50s
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The Best of Health – About Us

The Best Of Health is all about having a passion for the highest quality that life has to offer. Together with Dr Chris Steele MBE and other top health experts, we’ll bring you the informed facts so that you can make the best choices on products and services.


Dr Chris is the go-to guy who the press and media contact for a trusted medical opinion and the relevant facts, all delivered in his inimitable style which is friendly, helpful, informative and, above all, always easy to understand.


For over 27 years (and counting..) Dr Chris has been a TV regular. As a resident health expert on ITV’s flagship and multi-award winning daytime show, This Morning, he’s become a familiar and trusted face, and voice, on health issues. He’s now able to expand on these health items right here on The Best Of Health, a dedicated source of information for the 50+ age group.


The age pyramid is reversing so we’re focused on the fastest growing part of our population, those aged 50 and over. The Best Of Health and Dr Chris are committed to helping people lead fulfilling lives and age better and we’re focused on the opportunities that an older society provides for us all.


The health care system is facing huge challenges and changes. A healthy long life should be rewarding with older people being able to add a wealth of experience and contribute to society in a positive way. The problems associated with old age mostly stem from lifestyle-related chronic diseases and already the National Health Service is overwhelmed with trying to cope.


Prevention is better than cure and by making small changes to lifestyles, many chronic conditions can be avoided.The Best of Health and Dr Chris like to try to keep things simple and achievable and so our core focus is on the key health issues that can make the biggest difference.


Fixing people after they become ill has always been taken for granted in the UK and therefore too many people have disregarded the importance of a healthy lifestyle, with the knowledge that when something goes wrong, they have the cushion of the NHS to fall back on. This situation will become unsustainable as the number of older people who need care exceed the number of people who are working and capable of paying for it through their taxes.


The Best of Health and Dr Chris Steele are positive about age, placing 50+ people in the driving seat of change. Looking after your health and taking preventive lifestyle measures, such as eating a healthy diet and keeping physically and mentally active, are central to well-being, especially for those aged over 50.


The Best Of Health aims to be a valuable resource, the go-to place for trusted help and health advice from experts, like Dr Chris Steele, targeted especially to the over-50s.