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Can Owning A Pet Help Reduce Stress Levels?

Whether it’s a playful dog, purring cat or carrot-nibbling rabbit, there’s n... Read Article »

10 Summer Health Ideas To Keep You In Tip-Top Condition

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The Best of Health with Dr Chris Steele: Our Mission

"When it comes to your health, only the best will do. After all, your health is the most precious thing you have and it becomes ever more so in your later years. So, in many ways, health is the new wealth.

Advances in medicine today mean that we are living much longer, but isn’t it the quality of life that’s the most important thing.

So we want you to take a proactive role in your wellbeing, we’re positive about age and we want you to be also.

Here on The Best of Health, we’ll be focusing on the key health issues and items of interest, specifically concerning the older population, the more mature and all our attention is on finding what’s best for you.

We’ll review and rate products and services to inform you because you really need to know what’s available to you, especially when it comes to your own personal wellbeing and lifestyle.

So, let’s enjoy the rest of life’s journey and live it to the full, together we’ll come to symbolize all that’s healthy, wealthy & wise."

Dr Chris Steele MBE


Dr Chris Steele M.B.E

Welcome to The Best of Health, a new online platform for health-wise people. Together with Dr Chris Steele MBE, we bring you a trusted source of news and information, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Health & Wellbeing

Helpful articles for your physical health and your emotional and social wellbeing
22nd June 2017

Can Owning A Pet Help Reduce Stress Levels?

Whether it’s a playful dog, purring cat or carrot-nibbling rabbit, there’s no doubt that pets provide their owners with a lot of comfort and affection. … Read More

Diet & Nutrition

Stay healthy and energised with our diet and nutrition information
13th April 2017

Keep Your Tummy Happy With Probiotics!

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Probiotics’? Many people think of yoghurts and may even think that they are a sort … Read More


Get in shape and find tips to stay healthy with our fitness and exercise topics
25th April 2017

Who Needs The Gym For Fitness?

We all need to look after our health and fitness, particularly as we get older. Remember when you were at school and P.E or gym … Read More

Health Tech

Latest health technology news