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Anti-Ageing Secrets to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger for Longer


Wouldn’t we all like to get healthier, look younger and slow the ageing process? Are there anti-ageing secrets which we can fit effortlessly into our daily routine to give us a much needed boost at this present time? We have compiled a list of 10 easy-to-do anti- ageing secrets that may help bring a glow to your skin.

Ageing skin is a very natural process. Indeed, the American Academy of Dermatology states quite clearly that ‘one thing we cannot change is the natural aging process.’ Our genes play a vital role in determining when lines start to form on our faces, or when we start to lose some of the plump freshness that keeps skin looking young.

Whilst this type of natural ageing, also known as ‘intrinsic ageing’, is unavoidable, there are steps you can take to avoid speeding the process up. Lifestyle can also impact upon your appearance, and if you make the right choices, you can maintain a more youthful look for longer. Try incorporating these anti-ageing secrets into your lifestyle and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Anti-Ageing Secrets

  • Choose self-tanner, not sun-tanning. One of the most damaging things for skin is UV light. When it enters the skin, UV light breaks down its natural elasticity, which causes it to sag. Bright light can also make us squint, which causes frown-lines, and can cause patches of skin to produce too much melatonin, which results in age spots. You can avoid all these signs of ageing by staying covered up in the sun, and using a good self-tanning lotion instead. If you do choose to expose your skin to the sunshine, make sure you use a high SPF sunscreen, and stay out of the sun during the hours of 11am to 3pm, when UV rays are at their strongest.
  • Eat fish oil. Oily fish, such as salmon, contains one of the best natural anti-ageing products there are – Omega-3 fatty acids. These not only help to promote a healthy heart and boost immunity, but they also improve hair growth and make skin feel softer and more supple.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s important to drink enough water throughout the day; not only to stay healthy, but also to improve the appearance of your skin. Over time, dehydration can cause skin to dry out, which leaves it more vulnerable to ageing. Don’t forget about the water content in fruit and vegetables which can also help keep your body hydrated. Bear in mind that alcohol also has a dehydrating effect, and excessive drinking can make you appear older than you really are.water fruit diet anti ageing secrets
  • Don’t eat processed sugar. According to Ava Shamban, dermatologist at the Laser Institute for Dermatology and Skincare in California, processed sugar is one of the worst ingredients for speeding up the signs of ageing. It binds to and eventually weakens collagen in the skin, which causes premature wrinkling and sagging.
  • Massage the skin. Boosting circulation helps to flush toxins from the skin, which helps to keep the body free from impurities. In addition to this, massage is useful in combatting stress, which has been linked to accelerated ageing.
  •  Don’t over wash your face. Washing your face too often can dry out your skin. Tap water and soap strip your skin of moisture and natural oils increasing the chance of extra wrinkles. Whilst we are all thinking of increasing our hand washing at the moment, the same doesn’t apply to our faces! Try to stick to washing your face once in the morning and once in the evening and use a hydrating cleanser rather than soap.
  •  Get enough sleep and try to sleep on your back. Recent research has discovered that a lack of sleep can speed up the ageing process. If you sleep face down you could be restricting the flow of blood around your body which in turn, will leave you puffy eyed and dark circled. By sleeping on your back you will optimise your circulation.
  • Don’t squint. If your vision is impaired, it will make you squint frequently so make sure you get glasses, whether you need them for general use or just for reading. Get into the habit of wearing sunglasses when outside as, even without bright sunlight, that repeated facial expression can cause wrinkles around your eyes over time.
  • Use soy skincare. Research suggests that soy can improve the structure of the skin and it’s firmness. So look for a moisturiser that contains soy. It may even offer some protection against sun damage, helping to smooth and enhance the skin’s general appearance.
  •  Look at your diet. Science has suggested that certain anti-ageing foods can help you avoid wrinkles and nourish the skin keeping it more plump and youthful. These include salmon as mentioned above, avocados, almonds, eggs and red grapes. If you would like to read more about the anti ageing properties of these foods, click on the link above.

anti-ageing foods

Do You Need to Moisturise?

Whilst it’s a good idea to replenish the moisture in your skin with a moisturising cream, it’s not necessarily true that more expensive creams are more effective. There are many relatively cheap moisturisers available that do an excellent job in hydrating and softening the skin.

Skincare products containing vitamin C increase collagen production, making the skin plumper and firmer. Certain types of vitamin C are particularly helpful in this area, Look out for L-ascorbic acid and ascorbyl palmitate in the list of ingredients in your moisturiser.

Anti wrinkle creams containing AHAs, alpha hydroxy acids, can help smooth the surface of your skin. These natural acids gently exfoliate the skin, removing the top layer of dead skin cells helping to reduce surface wrinkles and fine lines. Bear in mind that this will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight so ensure you stay protected with sunscreen.

In addition to moisturising, it’s also important to keep the skin clean and free from impurities and to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dull skin cells, which can make you appear older.

Good skincare habits should be a priority so by taking on board some of these anti-ageing secrets and making some small changes to your routine, you may be able to stop the years taking too much of a toll on your skin, leaving you looking fresh faced and healthy!

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