Health and Lifestyle for the over 50s
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Whether you want to get fit or stay fit you need the right balance of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities each week and we want to help you find the right ways to enjoy being active, to stay motivated and exercise regularly.


  1. 9th December 2017

    Exercising in the Cold: Winter Workout Tips

    When the winter months arrive, it’s easy to lose the motivation to exercise. Low temperatures and short days don’t often inspire enthusiasm for physical activity. … Read More
  2. 9th November 2017

    Chronic Pain and Exercise: A Few Tips

    If you suffer from chronic pain due to a health condition, it can be tempting to skip exercise altogether. However, while the idea of exercise … Read More
  3. 17th October 2017

    How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

    Staying motivated to exercise regularly is essential if you want to maintain a fitness level that will really benefit your heath. However, there’s no denying … Read More
  4. 16th October 2017

    Dealing with Exercise-Related Aches and Pains

    Exercise comes with plenty of benefits, but unfortunately it can sometimes cause aches and pains too. However, there are steps you can take to avoid … Read More
  5. 7th September 2017

    Are Yoga and Pilates Good Forms of Exercise?

    Yoga and pilates have become very popular activities, but a lot of people question whether they are very effective forms of exercise. Here is an … Read More