Health and Lifestyle for the over 50s
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Whether you want to get fit or stay fit you need the right balance of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities each week and we want to help you find the right ways to enjoy being active, to stay motivated and exercise regularly.


  1. 7th September 2017

    Are Yoga and Pilates Good Forms of Exercise?

    Yoga and pilates have become very popular activities, but a lot of people question whether they are very effective forms of exercise. Here is an … Read More
  2. 25th April 2017

    Who Needs The Gym For Fitness?

    We all need to look after our health and fitness, particularly as we get older. Remember when you were at school and P.E or gym … Read More
  3. 30th December 2016

    Fitness Goals For The New Year

    Fitness goals for the New Year. With Christmas just over, it won’t be long before the New Year follows. With it will come the usual … Read More