Health And Lifestyle For The Over 50s


Sitting in a hospital waiting room can be an anxious time, even more so when you’re far from home. Worries range from whether the local medical team will understand you, how to tell them about an existing condition, and how to make sure you are given the right medication.

With our Health Passport you can remove many of these barriers to getting the right treatment. It gives attending medics easy access to the most important details of your current state of health, so they can help you more effectively.

We’ve designed Health Passport for you to download for free and print off. It is convenient to carry in your passport holder, or in a day bag, and is ideal if you are about to go on holiday, are planning to move abroad, or travel regularly on business.

The pages are easy to fill in with all the important health information you might need, including details of your current medication, allergies, GP contact details, your blood group and medical conditions.

If you are planning to travel to areas where English is not commonly spoken as a second language, we would recommend you consider having your health passport translated into the local language.


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