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Wellness Tips For Happiness & Wellbeing In The New Year

wellnessBefore we get onto looking at wellness tips for the New Year, what exactly is wellness?  One way of interpreting the word is a general feeling of wellbeing, health, fitness and mental good health.  It’s more about looking at the body as a whole and not focusing on just one key area.  If you think of yourself as a car that needs to be overhauled and maintained on a regular basis to keep functioning at optimum level, you will not go far wrong!

Wellness is within everyone’s reach and here are just a few ideas to get you off on the right course.  You can apply them now at the beginning of the New Year or at any time that you decide to be proactive about the way you look, feel and behave.  Don’t force yourself to do a load of things all at once; take it gently and make gradual changes to your lifestyle and you will reap the benefits.

Try out a few of these wellness tips for starters:

Eat a healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast for wellness

If your idea of breakfast is a cup of coffee, piece of toast and maybe a cigarette, think again.  Our stomachs have emptied overnight so need something healthy and wholesome first thing in the morning to get our engine started.  If you like cereals or porridge, try adding fresh fruit or berries.  Berries are a great superfood, keeping our brain working well, aiding digestion and warding off illness with ample vitamin C.

Start your day the water way

You may drink water throughout the day but do you kick-start your engine with a glass when you wake up?  Even before you brush your teeth, hydrate your system with a long cool glass of water, flushing out your body at the same time.  Our body craves water and needs it, so begin the day the right way and reap the benefits.

Try Yoga

Maybe you did Yoga years ago but have not tried it recently.  It has so many benefits, stretching out and making your body more supple, lowering cortisol levels and generally restoring a feeling of calm.  Pushing out the cortisol reduces stress whilst at the same time toning up the lymphatic system.  If you don’t know where to start, check out the internet or buy a beginners book.  It’s suitable for all ages and the over 50s should not find it too taxing. It can, in fact, have the opposite effect and give you a real boost of energy. By joining a class, you can also gain a new circle of friends. This also gives your overall feelings of wellness a lift.

Give yourself a daily treat

relaxing for wellness

You deserve to be pampered so benefit from the feel-good factor and boost your love of yourself by doing something you enjoy every single day.  This can be anything from eating your favourite food, watching a TV show you enjoy, listening to music, taking time out for a favourite hobby or reading a book.  Basically anything that endorses your ‘me time’ and raises your serotonin levels which make you feel good about yourself.

So as you can see, by taking care of yourself from head to toe and looking after the ‘self’ rather than just concentrating on diet and fitness, your wellness levels will increase.   Kick off the New Year in the right way by taking the time to care for yourself and appreciating how wonderful you really are!

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