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8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mood

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Some days you just feel a little down, whether there’s a reason for your negative mood or not. If your mood needs a boost, there are lots of little ways to improve it. Here are some tips for injecting a little cheerfulness into your day.

Ways to boost your mood

1) Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep deprivation can leave you fatigued, irritable and lacking focus. To start the day off the right way, try to get around eight hours of good quality sleep a night. Feeling well-rested will allow you to function properly and be less prone to bad moods.

2) Keep the House Tidy
Whether you’re a neat-freak or not, a clean and decluttered environment is conducive to a good mood. Tidiness makes you feel more organised and encourages productivity, subtly improving your day. Even the act of tidying itself can improve your mood. Small rituals, such as making your bed each morning, can be soothing and create a calm environment which helps keep you in that relaxed state of mind.

3) Keep Things Light
You’re more likely to feel happy in a bright environment than a dark one. Brighten up the house by leaving curtains and blinds open, and put lamps on a timer so that they turn on shortly before you wake up in the morning. Spend some of the day out in the sunshine, even if it’s just for a pre-work walk or a stroll to the shop.

4) Eat Mood-Boosting Foods
Certain foods are great for naturally lifting your spirits. Research has linked various ingredients to enhanced moods and reduced risk of depression, including folic acid, vitamin B12, selenium and vitamin D. Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for giving your mood a boost, so try to incorporate fatty fish into your diet. Salmon, herring, sardines and tuna are all rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

5) Exercise
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins – chemicals which trigger positive feelings in the body. This reaction can leave you feeling happier for hours. Any form of exercise can have a positive effect, whether it’s a brisk walk, joining an online exercise class, or doing a few stretches and aerobic exercises with improvised hand weights in the comfort of your lounge.

6) Put On Some Music
Several studies have linked listening to music to a boost in mood. In a study at Penn State University, researchers found that music often changes bad moods to better ones, as well as intensifying already positive emotions. Playing one of your favourite albums or a few upbeat songs will quickly lighten a room’s atmosphere.

7) Play With a Pet
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Research has shown that petting a dog for just 15 minutes releases the feel-good hormones serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. Even if you’re not a dog person, spending a little time with whatever pet you have can often put a smile on your face.

8) Get Creative
Engaging in creative activities, such as arts and crafts, can be very relaxing. Becoming absorbed in creating something and the satisfaction of doing so helps to reverse a negative outlook, and generally makes you feel happier.

It’s not always easy being upbeat and bad habits can make it harder. For those days when your mood needs all the help it can get, try making some of these small changes to your day.

Take a few steps to ensure your environment is as relaxed and cheerful as possible, and you’ll be feeling happier in no time.

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