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Want to Enjoy Better Sex When You’re Over 50? Try These Orgasmic Exercises!


If you think exercise isn’t that much fun, then according to recent studies… you’ve just been doing the wrong sort of exercise! Scientific research has recently discovered that it is possible to achieve orgasm through working out; but only if you engage in the right activities.

All About the Coregasm…
If recent research is anything to go by, the exercise-induced orgasm, or EIO for short, is a very real phenomenon; and what’s more, certain forms of exercise are more effective at causing it than others.

The study, which was conducted by the University of Indiana and published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy, indicated that the most orgasmic forms of exercise were ‘climbing poles or ropes, biking / spinning and weight lifting’. In short, any exercises that involve active engagement of the abdominal muscles could potentially bring about an orgasm.

Of the women interviewed for the study, nearly half indicated that they had experienced an EIO when doing abdominal exercises. Just over a quarter said that it had occurred when they were lifting weights, and 20% had enjoyed one whilst doing yoga.

Apparently, as many as 10% of women could also experience orgasm just be taking a brisk walk.

Debby Herbernick, who co-authored the research, said: ‘These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women’s experiences of orgasm’.

What Should You be Doing to Experience an EIO?
Whilst some women claim to be taken by surprise by exercise-induced orgasm, or even feel a little embarrassed by it; many others enjoy the experience. If you’re keen to have a go, not to mention enjoy the benefits of keeping fit at the same time, here are some key orgasm-inducing activities.

  1. The knee-lift. Identified as one of the key exercises in causing orgasm, you’ll need a specialist piece of gym equipment, called the ‘captain’s chair’. Resting your arms on the padded armrests, squeeze your abdominal muscles, then lift your knees to your chest, before lowering to the floor again. This piece of gym equipment can be found at most gyms.
  2. Believe it or not, that spinning class can be pretty good fun! To get the most from your spinning class, Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends tilting your hips forward to increase friction.
  3. Yoga is great for building flexibility and muscle tone. And now, it seems as though it may be helpful in terms of improving your sex life! Not only have up to 20% of women experienced an orgasm whilst doing yoga, but in a study, it was revealed that 75% of women enjoyed a better sex life after 12 weeks of taking part in regular yoga classes.

The Benefits of Exercise
Obviously, bone-shuddering climaxes aside, exercise has considerable benefits for your body. Even if you don’t experience an EIO, regular aerobic exercise, combined with muscle toning and stretching, provides plenty of health benefits, and has been proven to extend your lifespan and reduce the risk of contracting illness or infection.