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How to Avoid Piling on Pounds When Travelling


Your holiday is a great time to cut loose, take a break from the daily grind, and really enjoy yourself. For many people, a significant part of their break is the chance to sample plenty of the local cuisine and leave any thoughts of dieting firmly at home!

However, this can, unsurprisingly, have a disastrous effect on your waistline. Many people put on a few pounds after a week or two of indulgence in the sun, and according to research, some destinations are worse than others. For example, those traveling to the USA put on, on average, around 8lb whilst away!

Taking Steps to Prevent Weight Gain on Holiday

Obviously, you should aim to enjoy your holiday as much as possible; and the odd pound or two in weight-gain is easily lost once you return to everyday life. However, if you’re concerned about piling on a lot of weight, here are some steps you can take to ensure you don’t undo all the good results of your diet so far!

  • Keep active. Going to a new destination provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine, but it also gives plenty of chances to do some serious exploration! Whether it’s walking round ancient bazaars or hiking up to mountain monasteries, look for activities that help to keep you fit. If you are staying in a hotel with a pool, aim for at least a few lengths a day or a swim in the sea.
  • The ‘one treat a day’ rule. If you’re really serious about avoiding weight gain whilst on holiday, aim to limit your sugary treats to just one a day. Eating numerous ice creams, sweets and chocolate whilst abroad can do real damage to your waistline!
  • Ease off the alcohol. Did you know that a single glass of wine has as many calories as a Cornetto ice cream? According to Drink Aware, if you share a bottle of wine with your partner, you could be polishing off around 340 calories in one go!
  • Make sensible choices. Sometimes, choosing the healthy option can be tricky; particularly when you’re on a cruise. Indeed, a recent article in the Telegraph indicated that most people tend to put on 1lb a day when cruising; due to the easy availability of high-fat, high sugar foods. Pick salads wherever possible, avoid dressings, and eat fruit rather than chocolatey puddings!
  • Be firm with loved ones. When travelling with a partner or friends, it’s sometimes difficult to say no, particularly when they’re all trying to persuade you to indulge! Just explain politely that you’re trying to stick to a relatively healthy diet whilst away, and resist caving into any pressure.

Enjoying Flavour… Minus the Fat Content

Remember that many dishes across the world are wonderful because of their flavour, not their high fat content. Enjoy sampling meals that are rich in spices, herbs and natural ingredients; and relish the fact that you can eat plenty of these foods without worrying about putting on too much weight.