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How to Have a Healthy Weekend

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When the weekend arrives, it’s all too easy to spend those couple of days indulging in unhealthy habits, such as lounging on the couch or drinking a little too much alcohol. However, you should try to avoid undoing a week of healthy habits with a weekend of poor ones. In fact, the weekend is a great time to fit in even more beneficial behaviour.

Get Outdoors

Most people work indoors all week, so it’s important to use the weekends to get outside and give your body a boost of vitamin D. Make the most of the daylight hours you miss out on while working. Studies show that people are happier when they spend more time out in nature, so go for a walk, eat lunch outdoors or take a trip to the park. Anything that gets you outside will be beneficial.

Fit In More Exercise

Weekday commitments can make it difficult to fit in much exercise, but at weekends you have plenty of time to dedicate to all-important physical activity. You can go for longer runs, spend a little more time at the gym or go to fitness classes that you simply don’t have time for on work days. Spending that extra time working out will give your body and your mood a much-needed boost, leaving you energised and ready for anything else you want to do over the weekend.

Allow Time for Relaxation

Busy lives full of work, chores and family commitments leave many people feeling tired and stressed sometimes. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, make sure you set aside some time to relax at the weekend. Do something that you find soothing, whether that’s having a relaxing bath, sitting down with a good book or socialising with friends. If you’re struggling to relax, practise meditation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises. Relaxation and leisure time are essential if you want to maintain your mental and emotional health, and they’ll help you recharge in time for the next work week.

Eat Like it’s a Weekday

Try to avoid viewing the weekend as a time to gorge on unhealthy meals and snacks. Allow yourself treats, but in moderation. The food choices you’ve made in the week have kept you fuelled throughout your work days, so make the same choices to keep you energised at the weekend. Try to stick to the same food schedule, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner as you usually would, rather than giving in to laziness and skipping meals.

Stick to Your Usual Sleep Schedule

Your weekday meal schedule isn’t the only one you should stick to – try to maintain the same sleep pattern as well. Staying up too late at the weekends only throws off your sleep schedule for the week. It encourages you to eat more, as you’ll feel hungry late at night, and it may lead to you not getting enough sleep. This will leave you feeling grumpy and lethargic, among a number of other negative effects. You’ll also find it difficult to fall asleep on Sunday night, leaving you feeling tired and unable to concentrate on Monday, so your work can be affected. There’s no shortage of reasons to stick to your usual sleep schedule at the weekend!

Falling into bad weekend habits only leaves you feeling tired, bloated and sluggish when Monday comes. Find a healthy routine to stick to at the weekends, and you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged for the next week. Treat the weekend as a time to boost your mental and physical health, rather than a time for neglecting both.

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