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Dr Chris Steele Talks About NHS Patient Choice Over Specialists

The NHS Patient Choice Initiative allows people to choose their own specialist and hospital as Dr Chris Steele, MBE explains.

How much control can you have over the specialists that you can see on the NHS?

Dr Chris Steele explains how you can have an important say in the direction of your treatment.

You can learn more by listening to Dr Chris talking about Patient Choice on the video below.

Dr Chris explains that you can now have much more choice about where you can go and which medical professional is available to treat you.

Through the NHS Patient Choice Initiative known as the Chose and Book Scheme, you and your GP can now chose the hospital or clinic and consultant best suited to your needs, irrespective of the location in the UK and your GP has to sanction the treatment if its on the NHS.

But you can now chose WHICH hospital or clinic and WHO is best suited to your needs.

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