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Laser Hair Removal: How Much does it Cost in the UK and What does it Involve?

laser hair removal cost

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments to reduce or remove unwanted body hair. This procedure is a long-lasting way to eliminate unwanted hair and can be performed on any area of the body including the face. Laser hair removal has shown promising results in women suffering from hirsutism, which is a condition defined as excessive hair growth in a male-type pattern.

When considering the question “How much is laser hair removal” it is vital to consider all the factors and variables which have an impact on laser hair removal cost. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of these factors and what you should expect from the procedure. 

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicles (1). Hair follicles are small cavities in your skin from which hair grows. When the laser device emits light, hair follicles absorb that light which is attracted to hair melanin pigment. The light energy converts into heat and instantly vaporizes the hair below the skin down to the root.

The contrast between skin and hair colour (light skin & dark hair) is ideal for laser hair removal. This is because hair pigment absorbs the laser, so darker, coarse hair absorbs the laser more effectively.

People with light coloured hair are less ideal as candidates because non pigmented hair does not absorb the laser light as effectively.

Laser hair removal tends not to be as effective for people with blonde, grey, or white hair.

The Procedure

The Results

It can take days to weeks to fully hair shed, as hair doesn’t fall out immediately after the treatment.

After the first treatment, most patients see a 10 to 25% hair reduction in the treated area. The results can vary among individuals, which may be due to multiple factors including hair location, density and thickness.

Four to ten sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart may be required to target the various stages of the hair growth cycle.

Recovery time after the treatment is minimal as most individuals can return to work immediately. You should wear sunscreen after the procedure and continuing to wear it as necessary. This helps prevent irritation.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal provides permanent or near-permanent results (long-lasting). Results vary and depend on several factors including areas being treated and changing hormone levels. Occasional touch-ups may be required over time to maintain results.

What Does the Research Say?

According to a research study (2), 71% of patients were satisfied in terms of hair reduction with laser hair removal procedures. Another review study claimed that clinical trials favour the use of lasers for unwanted hair removal (3).

Summary of the Treatment

Procedure time(Few minutes- to an hour) Varies depending on the area
Sensitivity periodFew hours
Back to workImmediately
Full recovery12 Hours
Duration of ResultsUp to 5 Years
Common Risk & ComplicationsIrritation, swelling, redness

Price of Laser Hair Removal

According to the NHS, a single treatment of laser hair removal costs as follows:

Area Being TreatedPrice
Upper Lip£85
Bikini Line£130

However, laser hair removal prices vary in different parts of the UK depending upon factors including:

Clinic NameSingle Treatment Fees (Full Body)Single Treatment Fees (Full Face)
Laser Clinics ( view details )£204 £23
Park Private Clinic ( view details )£380 £70
London Premier Laser ( view details )£535 £158
Pulse Light Clinic ( view details )£227 £74

However, if you would like to save money on your laser hair removal costs, many clinics offer discounts for packages. If you are committed to undertaking the treatment, this could save you a significant amount. Special offers such as Black Friday, seasonal or New Year deals can also be a good time to book. Spend time gathering quotes. Sometimes lesser-known clinics provide quality services at a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the first laser hair removal session, it’s important to avoid plucking or waxing hairs for about 6 weeks before the treatment. This is because plucking or waxing temporarily removes hair follicles and roots, which are the main target of laser light. Shaving is allowed as it leaves hair follicles intact.  Sunscreens may be prescribed especially on the exposed area for about 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment.

Strict sun protection is necessary and the use of sunscreens is a must.

Laser hair removal treatments are often sold in packages of 4-12 sessions to completely eliminate hair growth. After that, there is minimal need for annual touch-ups. Some individuals reported that there is no need for touch-ups for 5 years or longer.

Yes, at-home laser hair removal devices are available on the market. These devices also help reduce unwanted hair however there are no large studies available yet comparing how effective these devices are when compared to professional laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal prices can seem steep initially, but the long term benefits often justify the investment. Laser hair removal significantly reduces unwanted hair, producing a smoother appearance. Some skin complexions and hair colours produce better outcomes than others.

By understanding the different factors that influence the cost, one can make a well- informed decision. Remember that it is an investment in yourself, and like all investments, being well-informed is key.

Finally, to get a reasonable understanding of what to expect from laser hair removal, you should always talk to a certified dermatologist.

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