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Get Your Osteoarthritis On The Back Foot With Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid

As we age, unfortunately we can begin to suffer with pain and stiffness in our joints.  This may be nothing but some of us may find ourselves diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  But there is some good news; if prescription drugs don’t appear to help or you would rather aid your condition by using a natural compound, then hyaluronic acid may be the solution.

Holding in the moisture

If you have never heard of it before, hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, something that is found within all connective tissue and does a brilliant job of holding in moisture.  As our bodies age, our levels of this natural compound decline fairly sharply, with some of us losing up to 50%.  Of course genetics, lifestyle, diet, smoking and other elements can impact upon how severely this affects us.  If we lose zinc and magnesium too then the loss of the hyaluronic acid can be increased.  The result, unfortunately, is not only aching and stiff joints but loose and sagging skin.

Hyaluronic acid can help by reconditioning our joints, particularly in the hips and knees.  As one of the main components of both cartilage and the fluid that surrounds them, it helps to create a nice jelly-like substance that protects the cartilage and lubricates the whole area.  Creating a sort of ‘shock absorber’ type of effect, your joints will be able to withstand a whole lot of heavy use and general wear and tear with this in place.

When diseases like osteoarthritis are present, then the hyaluronic acid levels drop even lower, having a negative impact upon the synovial fluid around the joints and making the cartilage less effective as a cushion and the fluid much thinner and less viscous.

Try a hyaluronic acid supplement

If you don’t mind having injections then it is possible to have this hyaluronic acid injected into the joint by an orthopaedist.  If injections are not for you, then taking a supplement is also a great idea.  When we consume it orally, the body begins to produce more of it, so adding to the positive effects.  It is totally non-invasive and as well as making your joints feel more comfortable and less stiff, it will also help to ease pain from stiffness.

There are other supplements out there that can help with joint health, such as glucosamine, but which is the best? The truth is, all of them work in a similar way as they kick-start the natural processes within the body that produce the hyaluronic acid. Natural eggshell membrane is another supplement that contains natural hyaluronic acid.

Feel your joints improving

Get Your Osteoarthritis On The Back Foot With Hyaluronic Acid

If you are not sure which supplement to try and you have a problem with osteoarthritis or other forms of joint pain then trying hyaluronic acid is certainly a good idea.  It is not a miracle drug and will not work immediately so you need to allow two or three weeks before you begin to notice the benefits.

Your doctor may recommend a dosage to suit you but if not, 100–200 mg per day should do the trick.
You should begin to find your joints suppler and less stiff and as a side effect, you may even find your loose skin plumping up, aiding your youthful feel and appearance.

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