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6 Tips for Creating a Calm, Peaceful Home

calm-home-299993357How do you feel when you walk into your home? It should be the place where you feel most relaxed, and if it isn’t, you should do what you can to make it that way. Try our tips for creating a relaxing, peaceful home environment.

1) Leave Space
Overstuffed rooms can make you feel tense. Make sure there’s plenty of space between furniture, allowing you to move freely around the house. The key is to find the right balance between a sparse room and a crowded one. Fill your rooms with furniture and items you love – just don’t cram too many of these things in.

2) Cut Down on Clutter
Lots of clutter can make any environment feel a little chaotic. Try to get rid of things you don’t need rather than letting them accumulate in the house. Charities and charity shops really appreciate second hand furniture and bric a brac and often provide a collection service. Somebody else may really appreciate the things you no longer need. While your home is unlikely to ever be completely without mess, you can create a dedicated space for necessary clutter, so that you can contain it and keep track of it.

3) Invite Nature Indoors
Studies have shown that having a few plants in the house can help to create a more relaxing, peaceful ambience. Spending time surrounded by nature is known to reduce stress levels, and some well-placed greenery can bring a little of this effect into your home.home calm

4) Use Calming Colours
Colour can have a significant impact on your state of mind. If you’re finding it difficult to unwind in your home, there’s a chance the colour schemes could be contributing to this, so try playing around with them. Painting the walls with pale neutral shades or pastel colours can make a space feel calming and serene. Similarly, some people find that simple, monochromatic colour schemes create a tranquil environment.

5) Remove Bad Vibes
If there are objects in your home that you associate with negative experiences, get rid of them. No good will come of being surrounded by reminders of bad memories which regularly bring up undesirable feelings. Removing them will certainly have a noticeable impact on how peaceful a space you find your home to be.

6) Create Positive Vibes
Just as reminders of bad memories should be removed, reminders of good ones should be brought in. Fill your home with items associated with positive memories. Seeing them all the time will improve your mood, bring a smile to your face and have an uplifting effect on the house in general.

We can all find life hectic at times, but your home should be the ultimate soothing space.  By making a few key changes in your house, you can make it a peaceful place where you can escape from the stressful feelings of your work life and re-charge your batteries.

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