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The Best of Health is a brand new website, along with Dr. Chris Steele MBE, which is focused on the health and lifestyle of the over 50’s. Adding Life to your Years.

The Best of Health and Dr. Chris Steele MBE are committed to helping people lead fulfilling lives and ageing better for longer and we’re focused on the opportunities that an older society provides for us all.

Health care is undergoing huge changes as we’re faced with a reversal of the age-pyramid.

The number of older persons has tripled over the last 50 years; it will more than triple again over the next 50 years. Already in the UK, the National Health Service is overwhelmed with trying to cope with an ageing population and the situation is not getting any better. This is especially so with the prevalence of so many life-style related chronic diseases.

Fixing people after they become ill has always been taken for granted in the UK and so people have largely abused their bodies and taken comfort that when something wrong happens they have the cushion of the NHS to fall back on. The problem with this of course is that the NHS isn’t an infinite resource so everybody has to get in line and join the ever-lengthening queue.

So we see that it is now becoming essential that people should become well informed and be able to make the best decisions when looking after their health. This involves taking preventive lifestyle measures and becoming active both in our physical well-being and pro-active in the choices we take when it comes to health services.

We’re positive about age by placing 50+ people in the driving seat of change.

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