Health and Lifestyle for the over 50s
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Diet & Nutrition

Your nutritional needs change as you move through life and your body may become depleted of certain nutrients and vitamins. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should think carefully about what you eat and drink and we have plenty of information to help you make the right choices.


  1. 6th October 2015

    What Makes a Healthy Diet?

    You’ll often hear about the importance of following a healthy diet, but do you know what a healthy diet really is? There’s more to healthy … Read More
  2. 1st October 2015

    6 Easy Ways to Make Your Meals Healthier

    Many people would like to have a healthier diet but are unsure where to start. However, there are lots of simple, small changes you can … Read More
  3. 29th September 2015

    6 Foods that Help with Nausea

    When you’re suffering from nausea, you often don’t feel like eating at all, but this will only make you feel worse. It’s important to continue … Read More
  4. 28th September 2015

    What You Need to Know About Vitamin C

    You may know that vitamin C is an important vitamin, but do you know why? Do you know what role it has in your body … Read More
  5. 23rd September 2015

    7 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

    Vegetables are an essential source of vitamins and minerals, which is why it’s important to get at least a few portions of them each day. … Read More