Health and Lifestyle for the over 50s
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Diet & Nutrition

Your nutritional needs change as you move through life and your body may become depleted of certain nutrients and vitamins. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should think carefully about what you eat and drink and we have plenty of information to help you make the right choices.


  1. 2nd August 2016

    Healthy Fats To Enjoy In Your Daily Diet

      When it comes to food content, many associate the word ‘fat’ with weight gain and an all-round negative impact on health, but not all … Read More
  2. 4th July 2016

    Butter May Not Be As Bad As You Thought

    Butter has often been demonised and blamed for raising the risk of stroke and heart disease. But studies are now suggesting that eating one tablespoon … Read More
  3. 25th April 2016

    Is Your Daily Salt Intake Causing Headaches?

    A heavy amount of salt in our day-to-day diet has, for many years, been linked to causing problems with the heart. Medical scientists have proved … Read More