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Festive Food Swaps that will help your Waistline

Festive party foodAt this festive time of the year, it is difficult to make healthy choices when faced with a vast array of tempting foodstuffs displayed in supermarkets, restaurants and at parties. Wherever possible, we try to suggest ways to make small food swaps that can make a big difference to your diet and today we would like to continue that theme.

This is especially important in the light of a new report by Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer which sites obesity as the biggest threat to women’s health.

Obesity has been shown to increase the risk of many diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer and should be a priority for the whole population.

In the light of Dame Sally’s report, it is vital that we try to find ways to make healthy food choices when presented with so much variety & temptation at this time of the year.

Parties and buffets can be a great time to experiment with tasty yet healthy food that can be served in a vibrant and attractive way.

Therefore we are going to provide some tips & suggestions for you to make healthy food swaps when hosting or attending parties.

  • Swap sausages on sticks for cocktail sticks loaded with olives, cherry tomatoes, cubes of Edam cheese & silverskin onions.
  • Swap crisps & salted nuts for olives, chestnuts, dried fruit pieces and sticks of vegetables.
  • Swap sandwiches for squares of rye or pumpernickel bread topped with horseradish & thinly sliced roast beef or lowfat soft cheese & smoked salmon.
  • Swap fried hors d’oevres & pies for platters of shellfish such as crab & prawns, roast meats & grilled marinated chicken skewers.
  • Swap creamy potato salad & coleslaw for courgette & carrot ribbons with raisins, a salad of roasted vegetables with a light vinaigrette or herby couscous with pinenuts.
  • Swap garlic bread for breadsticks.
  • Swap chocolate gateaux for strawberries & other exotic fruits dipped in dark chocolate or meringue nests filled with a selection of fresh fruits & berries.
  • Swap traditional mince pies for mince tarts made on a base of filo pastry.
  • Finally offer refreshing fruit punches made with sugar-free squashes & sparkling water as an alternative to alcohol.

Festive parties can still be great fun but by making a few healthy food swaps you can make a big difference to keep your waistline trim!

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