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7 Gut-Friendly, Digestion-Boosting Foods


Your gut is what processes the food you eat, so it’s important to consume the nutrients it needs to keep functioning at its best. A healthy gut allows your body to digest food efficiently, and this improved digestion can aid weight loss, lower cholesterol levels and boost your immune system.

Here are the 7 best foods for digestion.


Asparagus is great for digestion. It contains a lot of inulin – a prebiotic compound which serves as food for several probiotics linked to better nutrient absorption and a reduced risk of allergy. It’s also full of useful vitamins and nutrients, including particularly high levels of folate and vitamin K.


The fibre in tomatoes promotes the growth of good bacteria, while discouraging harmful bacteria, in the gut. In addition, they’re an excellent source of lycopene – a powerful antioxidant which has been linked to a reduced risk of stroke.


This yellow fruit is also filled with plenty of fibre. It lowers blood glucose levels, enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium and can dampen your appetite, making it useful for those trying to lose weight. As well as making your gut happy, bananas help you to maintain normal blood pressure, thanks to their high potassium content.

Click on the video and listen to Dr Chris Steele talking about the importance of this subject.


Yogurt is one of the main sources of probiotics – friendly bacteria which helps to balance the bacteria in your gut when it has been disrupted. Sweetened yogurts can be loaded with sugar, so for full health benefits, opt for plain yogurt and add a little honey or fresh fruit if you want extra flavour.


Oatmeal is yet another fibre-filled food, which research has shown to lower the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease, as well as aiding digestion. As with yogurt, it’s best to steer clear of packets with added sugar, and sweeten it yourself with fresh fruit.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is better for your gut than typical breads because it produces a lower surge in blood sugar and is digested more slowly. The lactic acids in this type of bread boost the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals, while slowing down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood stream.


Kefir is a fermented milk product which contains a mix of beneficial yeast strains and probiotics, as well as plenty of calcium, protein and B vitamins. It provides the gut with healthy bacteria in the same way yogurt does.

If you want to get proactive about maintaining a healthy gut and an efficient digestive system, there are plenty of beneficial foods to choose from. Keep in mind that foods containing significant amounts of fibre are essential, and probiotics are great for fixing existing digestive problems. Drinking plenty of fluids and cutting down on fat will also help to keep your gut healthy.

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