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Bone Health & How To Manage Osteoporosis

Bone Health osteoporosis

Bone Health

Here you will find advice on how to keep your bones healthy through diet, physical activity and other lifestyle choices.

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Osteoporosis Can Almost Double the Risk of Deafness
Osteoporosis is commonly associated with bone fractures, but new research shows that an increased risk of hearing loss may also
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The often dull British weather is the source of much complaint, but is it actually having a negative impact on
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Soybean-Rich Diets Could Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis
A diet rich in the types of protein and isoflavones found in soybeans may help to protect against bone loss
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osteoporosis bone health
How You Can Help To Avoid Osteoporosis
One of the main concerns when reaching the over 50s age group is that of osteoporosis. It does however, occur
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